Compagnia Arcieri Città di Varese
Via Valle Luna, 58, 21100 Varese (VA),
Varese, Italy


Dates and Timing
Saturday 9 June 2018      09h00 – 18h00

Individual (Women/Men)
Double Federal (Asceri rules).

6×6 arrows    –    Recurve and compound bows 50 m, targets with 80 cm diameter.
6×6 arrows  –    Recurve and compound bows 30 m, targets with 80 cm diameter.

This sequence will be shot two times; a first round in the morning session and a second round in the afternoon session.

Blank recurve bows (recurve barebows) are accepted in the competition.

Individual ranking will be based on total scores after the two shooting sessions.

Team (3 shooters per team – Mixed or not)
3 shooters per team
Scores from the individual competition summed up per team
Teams have to be declared as such at registration.

The team ranking may be based on some adjustment coefficients in cases where the teams are not equal in terms of bow types, etc. This will be decided upon when the team structures are known more in detail after the registration is closed.

Detailed description of the competition rules will be published here later.

Contact person(s):

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