Table Tennis

Angera, Palestra scuola primaria e media – 16 tables
Via Dante Alighieri 2, Scuole Elementari “Dante Alighieri” ANGERA, 21021 VA

Saturday and Sunday
Start will be at 9:00 am.

We will be playing with the same rules as in the former editions of the Atomiade.
A team consists of 4 players and up to 2 substitutes (male or female). The players in each team have to be ranked in advance, from strongest to weakest.

A team competition consists of the following matches (4 singles, 1 double):

Team A player 1 – Team B player 1
Team A player 2 – Team B player 2
Team A player 3 – Team B player 3
Team A player 4 – Team B player 4
Double: 2 players of each team, can be decided after the singles

Team competition
12 Active teams and 11 Hobby teams. Separate team tournaments for active club players and for hobby players.

Contact person(s):
Hildegard GERLACH
Katalin BODIS



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