Pista Azzurra srl
Kartodromo – Motodromo
Via Sempione, 94
Borgo Ticino (No) – Italy


Coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/si1EHALtZqs

Individual race

For every slot (8 driver):

  • 10 min free training
  • 15 min qualifying
  • 20 min Race
  • 15 min qualifying
  • 2 hour race


Will be given during the mandatory briefing on the day of the race.


09:00h-09:30h: Arrival
09:30h-10:00h: Briefing
10:30-10:40h: Group 1 – free training
10:45h-11:00h: Group 1 – qualifying
11:00h-11:15h: Break
11:15h-11:25h: Group 2 – free training
11:30h-11:45h: Group 2 – qualifying
11:45h-12:00h: Break
12:00h-12:10h: Group 3 – free training
12:15h-12:30h: Group 3 – qualifying

12:30h-14:30h: Lunch

14:30h-14:45h: Extra briefing for race
15:00h-15:20h: Race Pool C
15:30h-15:50h: Race Pool B
16:00h-16:20h: Race Pool A

16:30h-16:45h: Ceremony

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