Mountain Walk

Contact person: Karin Aschberger

1.  One-day hike (Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM):

Meeting point: Laveno train station ferrovia Nord, easily reachable (1) by train from Varese, (2) by car, (3) by bus.

Characteristics: steep way up, first along a broad path, then over rocky terrain, with lots of sightseeing. 1 hour up to Vararo, 1.5 hours along the Pizzoni to Passo Cuvignone, 1 hour down to Vararo, 30 min up to Sasso del Ferro from where we could take the funivia down to Laveno or 1 hour down. Plus time for rests and pic-nic lunch.

Conditions needed: some experience needed for walking over rocky terrain; good condition needed to walk up from about 200m to nearly 1100m.




2. One-day hike: From Prima Cappella to Sacro Monte and Monte Tre Croci (Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM):

Meeting point: Prima Capella (parking), reachable (1) by bus, (2) by car

Characteristics: steep way up with lots of sightseeing. At Sacro Monte possibility to visit museums, churches, bars, restaurants etc.

Conditions needed: some experience needed for walking over rocky terrain; good condition needed to walk up from about 400m to nearly 1200m





Contact person    Monica Ermolli

Location: Palainsubria (Varese University) Bizzozzero, Varese

ASCERI vademecum rules apply.



Contact person: Monica Ermolli

Location: Palainsubria (Varese University) Bizzozzero, Varese

during the matches there must be at least two woman in the field and at least two men

ASCERI vademecum rules apply.

Beach Volley

Contact person: Monica Ermolli

Single tournament 4×4 (during the matches there must be at least one woman in the field and at least one man).

Location: Palainsubria (Varese University, Bizzozzero,Varese)

Proposal for the organization of the beach volley games

For the 4×4 tournament,

the xx teams will be organised in x groups a x teams. Each team plays 1 match (best of three sets) with each other team within the group. 8 teams go to the finals, i.e. the first 2 teams per group + the 2 best third teams. The tournament will proceed with direct elimination (best of three sets).



Saturday afternoon: 4 x 4 group phase

Sunday morning: quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final 4 x 4 tournament

(small changes of the schedule are possible, of course, depending on how we proceed with all the matches)


Every team should nominate one captain and choose a fantasy name.

Every team has the right to one time-out of 30 seconds per set.

Before a match starts, a coin will be tossed among team captains. The winner can decide on service/reception OR the side of the pitch.

Fair play

On Saturday we do not provide referees (we will have external referees for Sunday instead) but we would ask you to help as such on voluntary basis. Therefore, we need everybody’s cooperation for fair play. We propose the following approach:

Ball in or out of bounds: The team on whose side the ball went in or out decides. In case of doubt, the ball is to be repeated (i.e. replayed).

Concerning foul play (related to the right volleyball technique, in particular for the setting), the player who committed the putative foul is calling it a foul (“self-calling”).

Let’s keep in mind that the main reason why we are playing this tournament is to have FUN together.


Pista Azzurra srl
Kartodromo – Motodromo
Via Sempione, 94
Borgo Ticino (No) – Italy


Individual race

For every slot (8 driver):

  • 10 min free training
  • 15 min qualifying
  • 20 min Race
  • 15 min qualifying
  • 2 hour race


Will be given during the mandatory briefing on the day of the race.


09:00h-09:30h: Arrival
09:30h-10:00h: Briefing
10:30-10:40h: Group 1 – free training
10:45h-11:00h: Group 1 – qualifying
11:00h-11:15h: Break
11:15h-11:25h: Group 2 – free training
11:30h-11:45h: Group 2 – qualifying
11:45h-12:00h: Break
12:00h-12:10h: Group 3 – free training
12:15h-12:30h: Group 3 – qualifying

12:30h-14:30h: Lunch

14:30h-14:45h: Extra briefing for race
15:00h-15:20h: Race Pool C
15:30h-15:50h: Race Pool B
16:00h-16:20h: Race Pool A

16:30h-16:45h: Ceremony


“First International Mixed Small Field Football Tournament
of the European Research Institutes”  FIMSF

Polisportiva “KOLBE ”
Viale Padre G. B. Aguggiari, 140, 21100 Varese VA


Saturday 9 June 2018: pool games, ranking games and finals.

UEFA rules apply
Additionally see Rules Football 7 a side mixed_Final

FIMSF Football Tournaments
Small field – 7 players a team


Contact person(s):
Salvatore Tirendi


JRC Club House
Via Esperia, 21027 Esperia VA

(This is the JRC Clubhouse even though it is not marked as such on Google Maps)


Rapid tournament: 09/06/2018
1st round at 09:30 – Lunch 12:30-14:00 –
9th round will start at 17:30

Bliz tournament: 10/06/2018
1st round at 10:00 – 11 rounds followed by lunch.

FIDE rapidplay and bliz rules will apply.
Referee: Claudio Fusi
Time control: Rapid tournament: 20min per player for the game.
Bliz tournament: 5min per player for the game.

Juha Ovaskainen